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New Concealed Gun Carry Purses Available

Are you looking for just the right concealed carry handbag for your new pistol? has got you covered! You are sure to find the perfect concealment purse in our wide variety of concealed weapon handbags. And don’t sweat the shipping! Texcynwallets has you covered – all orders of $25 or more include FREE Shipping!

This week week we have available:

Montana West Sugar Skull Concealed Handgun Carry Purses:

MW-MW255G-8036-BK-2T MW-MW255G-8085-BK-2T MW-MW255G-8395-BK-2T







RealTree Camo Concealed Weapon Handbags:








Dina Lock Concealed Carry Purses with Holsters – Left & Right Handed Access:

DEL-C23303-BKBK-2T DEL-C23303-BNBK-2T DEL-C23303-CFBK-2T






Confederate Rebel Flat Concealed Weapon Purses:

MW-CFD01G-8014-NV-2T MW-CFD01G-8395-NV-2T MW-CFD02G-8601-NV-2T (1)







Our selection changes on a weekly basis, so if you don’t see the above bags when you shop, you are sure to find another bag just perfect for you! Shop Concealed Carry Purses today!

Buy Concealed Carry Purses Online at Discounted Prices

Are you looking for a purse to carry your gun, stun gun, or mace in? has a wide variety of concealed weapon handbags made for that purpose. Our concealment purses are available in bling styles, leather styles, and western styles. But before you shop, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I want a bling bag with lots of rhinestones? Or a more subdued Western style handbag? Or would I prefer a plain leather bag?

2. What items will I carry in the concealed pocket? How much room will I need for these items?

3. What size handbag do I want?

To determine the ideal size bag, measure a bag you currently own. Determine if it should be larger or smaller, and adjust the measurements accordingly. Generally, the larger the bag, the large the concealment pocket, and therefore, the larger gun you can carry. Write down the measurements of your ideal purse and start shopping! All the listings for handbags on include measurements, so you will be able to easily determine which bag is the right size for you.

The location of the concealment compartment varies by purse. Some concealment pockets are on the back, and others are in the center of the purse. It is your personal preference which style you choose.

Leather Concealed Weapon Handbag

Pebbled Leather Concealed Weapon Handbag

You can choose from a wide variety of Concealed Carry Purses at Get your bling on with one of our concealed carry rhinestone and studded purses, or stay subdued with a high quality leather concealment purse. Tote style concealed carry bags are available, as are the satchel styles and the cross body concealment purses. You can be assured of fast delivery, and superior service when buying your concealed gun purse from TexCynWallets.  Here is a sample of concealed carry purses. Our selection changes weekly, so be sure to buy yours today!

Concealed Carry Backpack Purse Camo

Concealed Carry Purse – Backpack Style

Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse

Cross Body Style Concealed Carry Purse

Montana West Concealed Carry Handbag

Montana West Southwest Print Concealed Carry Tote Purse

Fashionista Women’s Cigarette Cases Found – Buy Now!

Finding a fashionable women’s cigarette case these days can be very hard. Most cigarette cases for women are made in the traditional style, and remind us of our mom’s pack. They’re nice and functional, but for the younger crowd, they can be a bit stuffy. Texcyngoods is pleased to announce their new line of women’s fashionista cigarette cases with matching lighters. Lots of different designs to choose from, so no matter what your style, you are sure to find the perfect cigarette case and lighter combination. Priced at only $14.95, with free shipping, you’ll be able to afford more than one!

Below are a few examples, but to see them all, be sure to click here for all Fashionista Women’s Cigarette Cases.

Polka Dot Cigarette Case Butterfly Cigarette Case with Lighter Zebra & Lips Cigarette Case with Lighter Country Girl Cigarette Case with Lighter Skulls & Guns Cigarette Case

No More Tangled Jewelry When You Travel – The Gentle Jewelry Travel Case is Here!

We all have experienced it – arriving at our hotel room, unpacking our jewelry, and finding it in a tangled mess. Now there is a solution – The Gentle Jewelry Case features a patent pending foam interior that prevents your jewelry from moving while traveling. That’s right – just lay your jewelry in the case, zip it up and you’re good to go. When you arrive at your destination, your jewelry is in the case, exactly as you placed it!

The Gentle Jewelry Case is a travel jewelry case like no other!

Click Here to watch the video for more information.

Click Here for more information and to purchase it now.


Buying Handbags Online – Determining the Size

Buying handbags online can be fun and save you a lot of money, but be careful about those pictures when determining the size of the bag.


Buy western style handbags at

It is not possible to determine the size of a handbag by pictures posted online. The pictures will depict the style, the bling, and the shape, but not the size.

To determine the size of the purse, take a look at the measurements in the ad. Get one of your current handbags out and measure it with a tape measure. This will give you an idea of what you are looking for as far as size. Do you want a smaller handbag, a larger handbag, or one about the same size as you have now? Compare the measurements of your current handbag to those listed in the online ad for the purse you are considering.


Buy handbag and wallet sets at

If  you do not have a tape measure, or ruler, handy, then use a sheet of paper. A standard sheet of paper measures 8.5″ x 11″. Hold the paper up to your current purse and see how it compares. Then review the measurements of the handbag you are considering.

To determine the length of the handbag strap, have a friend use a tape measure to measure from your shoulder to where you want the top of the body of the handbag to rest on  your body. This is known as the “strap drop.” Compare this measurement to that of the handbag online. Many handbags have adjustable straps, so as long as your drop falls below the maximum drop listed online for a handbag with an adjustable strap, you should be good to go.


Camo bags now available!

In case the handbag doesn’t work out for you, be sure to review the handbag site’s return policy. This should be posted on the website. Most sites do require you to return the handbag, at your expense, in order to receive a refund. However, the shipping charge is normally reasonable, and less expensive then spending your time and gas hunting down the perfect handbag at the mall.

This blog has been brought to you courtesy of TexCyn Wallets, your online source for the latest fashion and western handbags.

Happy shopping!

Where to Buy Montana West Handbags at Discounted Prices

Montana West Tooled Faux Leather Cross Body

Montana West Tooled Faux Leather Cross Body

Shopping for the latest western handbags? Montana West specializes in manufacturing the highest quality, latest fashion western purses, and can be purchased online at

Choose from western satchel handbags, concealed weapon handbags, rhinestone cross purses, western cross body bags, and many more. Montana West bags feature quality materials, lots of pockets, and many different patterns and styles.

Because we buy directly from the Montana West United States distributor, can sell Montana West handbags directly to you at discounted prices, which include shipping. Check out some of our current Montana

Montana West Rhinestone Paisley Handbag & Wallet Set

Montana West Rhinestone Paisley Handbag & Wallet Set

West handbags:

Montana West Concealed Weapon Handbag

Montana West Concealed Weapon Handbag


Montana West Leather Handbag with CowHair detailing.

Montana West Horseshoe E/W Satchel

Montana West Horseshoe E/W Satchel Handbag

CLICK HERE to see all of our Montana West Handbags and order yours today!

The Difference Between a Lambskin Leather Handbag and a Pebbled Leather Handbag

When purchasing a leather handbag online, it is important to know the difference between a lambskin leather bag and a pebbled leather bag. We will explain the differences, and show you some examples, so you will not be disappointed when your new leather handbag shows up at your door.

Coach Turnlock Tie Rucksack Pebble Leather Denim

Coach Turnlock Tie Rucksack Pebble Leather Denim

Coach Madison Phoebe Leather Shoulder Bag in Black

Coach Madison Phoebe Leather Shoulder Bag in Black

Fossil Sydney Shopper Shoulder Bag

Fossil Sydney Shopper Shoulder Bag

Lambskin leather handbags are made from a soft, smooth leather. They feel very luxurious, but require more care than a pebbled leather handbag. This is because lambskin leather, being softer, tends to scuff easier. Normally scuffs can be easily removed with a leather conditioner. Here are some examples of lambskin leather bags:

Michael Kors Fulton Genuine Leather Large Shoulder Bag Purse Handbag

Michael Kors Fulton Genuine Leather Large Shoulder Bag Purse Handbag

Lambskin Leather Smart Phone Organizer

Lambskin Leather Smart Phone Organizer

A Pebbled Leather Handbag will have a rougher, more durable texture. Pebbled leather handbags are normally made from cowhide leather, which is more mature than lambskin leather.  They have a pebbled texture. Here are some examples of pebbled leather purses:

Which bag is right for you? First you need to decide how often you will use the bag. If  the bag will get a lot of wear, than you might want to choose a pebbled leather handbag as it will not scuff as much. If you are more concerned with the luxurious look, and are willing to buff a few scuffs now and then, than the lambskin leather bag is going to be the bag for you! If you would like to see a large collection of leather handbags, please visit our website, Happy shopping!

Betsey Johnson Gifts for Girls

Christmas is almost upon us! It’s time to start looking for that perfect gift for the special girl in your life.  And a  Betsey Johnson wallet, cosmetic case, or IPAD case is sure to please any girl who likes glam, glitter, and color.  To make your buying decision easier, here is a list of Betsey Johnson Gifts broken down by price points:

Under $30:

Betsey Johnson Cosmetic Case Squares – $26.60Betsey Johnson Rose Cosmetic Square

Betsey Johnson PDA Cases AKA Tampon Cases – $23.80 – We noticed while working with these case that they will fit 3-4 tampons (depending on size.) These Bestey Johnson PDA Cases are a great, stylish way to carry that emergency tampon supply in your purse!

Betsey Johnson Glitterattzi Tampon Cases

Betsey Johnson Glitteratzzi Top Zip Large Coin Purse – $26.60:

Betsey Johnson Glitteratzzi Wristlet Clutches – $29.95

Under $35:

Betsey Johnson Hide N’ Sequin I-Pad Cases – $33.60:

Betsey Johnson 2 Piece Glitteratzzi Cosmetic Case Packs – $33.60:

Under $40:

Betsey Johnson Clutches – $39.95:

Betsey Johnson Glitteratzzi Large Zip Around Wallets – $39.95:

Betsey Johnson provides lots of options for the perfect womens gift – so shop today and get FREE shipping on your entire order!

Women’s Flip Top Cigarette Cases Now in Moc Croc & More Colors!

Keep your cigarette case trendy and up to date with our new Moc Croc Flip Top Cigarette Cases. These are hard cases that carry the standard cigarette box and include a flip top for easy access. New colors include black, red, brown, pink, purple and teal. Buy a different color for each color of handbag! You will be the talk of the town carrying this fashionable cigarette case!

Moc Croc Cigarette CasePurple Moc Croc Cigarette CaseTeal Moc Croc Cigarette CaseBrown Moc Croc Cigarette Case

Designer Handbag Outlet Now Open

Texcyngoods, Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of their Designer Brand Handbag Outlet on their website, Brands that are being stocked include Dooney & Bourke, LeSportSac, Fossil, XOXO, Giani Bernini, Tignanello, and many others.


These designer purses are purchased directly from major department stores and the #1 TV Shopping Channel, so they are guaranteed authentic. Because these are overstock and discontinued handbags, you will find styles you cannot find anywhere else. All handbags are discounted by at least 30% of the MSRP and currently include free shipping.

Start shopping today for that hard to find B. Makowsky Handbag, Kathy Van Zeeland Purse, or Guess bag!

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