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A Little About Women’s Wallets

There are three main types of womens wallets that we carry in our store: Flat Wallets (AKA Opera Wallets), Clutch Wallets, and French Wallets. Each type of wallet has various styles from which to choose, but they all essentially serve the same purpose – to store the things that you need with you at all times.

Flat Wallets

Also known as the “Opera Wallet,” Flat Wallets are usually slim and compact, yet can still hold your checkbook, credit cards, and your stash of cash. Flat Wallets are made to fit easily in your handbag and provide quick and easy access to all of your important items. They are most often secured by a push-button clasp for extra security.  We offer hundreds of different styles and colors at

Womens Clutch Wallets

Mundis My Big Fat Wallet

Clutch Wallets are the most versatile option when choosing a wallet. They can serve many purposes and can usually store more than other wallets. Mundi’s My Big Fat Wallet is a great example of the wallet that stores everything but the kitchen sink. And depending on the size of your kitchen sink, you might be able to squeeze it in.

Clutch Wallets can also be used as an elegant and chic evening accessory. Typically, you will have to leave your 200 grocery store coupons in another wallet, but you won’t need those where you’re going anyway. Evening Clutches will usually hold plenty of credit cards, cash, ID’s, and all the phone numbers from guys that you meet during a night on the town.

For lots more styles, types, and colors to choose from in Clutch Wallets, please visit our store at

French Wallets

French Wallets are compact, sometimes pocket-sized, wallets that are designed to hold cash, credit cards, ID’s, and pictures. The real benefit to French Wallets is the amount of space they save, yet don’t sacrifice much of the storage space. Our newest French Wallet is a Kenneth Cole Reaction made from Genuine Glazed Leather and holds 3 credit cards, 1 ID, and a handful of cash. That is a lot of spending you can do from just one little purse.

To see a wide variety of over 200 wallets, you can visit our store at texcynwallets. com.

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