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Choosing a Cigarette Case

retake_lt_brn1_500In the current “smoker adverse” environment, it can be difficult to locate a fashionable cigarette case.  At TexCynWallets, we have a wide variety of leather cigarette cases to choose from.

The traditional leather cigarette case features a twist clasp closure for both the cigarette holder and lighter holder compartments.  Our traditional women’s leather cigarette cases come in a variety of colors so you can match them to your handbag or outfit.  Some styles even include a hidden zipper pocket to stash your cash.

cig_lighter_case_blk2If you’re looking for a more elegant look, we recommend our Genuine Eelskin Leather Cigarette Cases which come in both the twist clasp closure style and the pop-up style.  bur_lighter_case2_500The pop-up style can be used by both men and women and is available in several different colors.

Our Fliptop Style Cigarette Cases are now available in leather as well.  The fliptop style pops the cigarettes up as you open the case, making it very easy to pull the cigarette out.  On the back of the case is a holder for your lighter.

Have you ever wished you could carry your cigarettes and cell phone in one case?  Well now you can.  New to TexCynWallets is the Leather Cigarette Case and Cell Phone Holder. MW-1842-BK1This black leather case is the ultimate in convenience since it holds your cigarettes, lighter, cell phone and cash in one case.

If you have friends who smoke, be sure to pick up a cigarette case for them too.  And don’t forget – all of our cigarette cases feature FREE SHIPPING!  Click Here to view them now!

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