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How to Buy a Handbag Online – Part 2 – Body of the Bag

In our second installment of How to Buy a Handbag Online we will discuss the body of the bag. The size of the body of the purse dictates how much stuff you can carry in your bag, making it a very important consideration.

To determine what size you need, find an old handbag that has room in it for what you want to carry. Measure the length, crosswise, and then the height, up and down, and finally, the depth. The depth is normally measure on the bottom of the bag from front to back. When looking at handbags online you will want to look for the length, height and depth, or width, measurements and compare them to your measurements to make sure they are similar.

If you do not have an older handbag in the size you want, fill a large ziplock bag and measure it. Keep in mind that you may want different size handbags for different occasions. Normally your everyday bag is going to be the largest and your evening bag the smallest.

Another consideration is if you wish to go without a wallet in order to reduce the size of the bag you need to carry. If this is the case, look for an organizer handbag that has a zip around pocket to hold credit cards, pens and even an ID. This can reduce the size of the handbag you need by allowing you to leave your wallet at home.

Leather organizer handbag

You can find a wide selection of different size leather handbags at

Our next installment will be about choosing the fabric of your perfect handbag. Please come back soon!

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