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Add Color to Fall and Winter Wardrobe with a Bright Wallet

Fall is almost here and many ladies will start wearing more earthtone colored clothing and accessories. The black and brown handbags

Kenneth Cole Extra Capacity Faux Leather Clutch Wallet with Outside Pocket

will be dug out of the closet, or new ones purchased. But don’t let the fall colors take over your wardrobe. You

can easily liven up your wardrobe by adding colorful accessories. One easy way to do this is to carry a colorful wallet. Imagine it’s a gloomy winter day, you set your brown leather handbag on the counter, unzip it, and pull out a…..BRIGHT RED wallet! You instantly perk up seeing the pretty color. And, because of the bright color, it was easy to find!

Texcynwallets has lots of bright colored wallets for you to choose from such as pink, red and purple. And if

Thick Flat Wallet

Tropical Flower EXTRA Thick Fatty Flat Wallet w/ Checkbook Cover & Glitter Highlights

you’re looking for a different style wallet, be sure to take a look at our flat wallets which are available in thin, think and extra thick widths. There are so many colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect billfold for you, or for that special someone this holiday season.

Happy shopping!

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