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Removing that leather dye smell in a FLASH!

Ah, Leather dye. To some people, the aroma reminds them of something similar to new car smell. To others the aroma reminds of them of something completely different. Something very unpleasant. The scent seems to bother some more than others and can cause even the greatest leather item to become unwanted, unused and sold to the lowest bidder. But fear not, there is a way to remove this smell from your favorite leather handbag, purse or leather wallet without any mess or expensive solutions. All you need is a cardboard box big enough to fit the item, baking soda and the offending leather bag or wallet.

First, place the leather handbag, wallet or case inside the cardboard box. Open a fresh box of baking soda, and place it inside the cardboard box with the item. Do not pour it, just let the box sit inside and do it’s job. Close the cardboard box tightly and let it sit for 24-48 hours. Remove your leather wallet, purse or case and the baking soda should have absorbed the smell, leaving your new leather accessory odor free.

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Simple as that!

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