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Betsey Johnson Gifts for Girls

Christmas is almost upon us! It’s time to start looking for that perfect gift for the special girl in your life.  And a  Betsey Johnson wallet, cosmetic case, or IPAD case is sure to please any girl who likes glam, glitter, and color.  To make your buying decision easier, here is a list of Betsey Johnson Gifts broken down by price points:

Under $30:

Betsey Johnson Cosmetic Case Squares – $26.60Betsey Johnson Rose Cosmetic Square

Betsey Johnson PDA Cases AKA Tampon Cases – $23.80 – We noticed while working with these case that they will fit 3-4 tampons (depending on size.) These Bestey Johnson PDA Cases are a great, stylish way to carry that emergency tampon supply in your purse!

Betsey Johnson Glitterattzi Tampon Cases

Betsey Johnson Glitteratzzi Top Zip Large Coin Purse – $26.60:

Betsey Johnson Glitteratzzi Wristlet Clutches – $29.95

Under $35:

Betsey Johnson Hide N’ Sequin I-Pad Cases – $33.60:

Betsey Johnson 2 Piece Glitteratzzi Cosmetic Case Packs – $33.60:

Under $40:

Betsey Johnson Clutches – $39.95:

Betsey Johnson Glitteratzzi Large Zip Around Wallets – $39.95:

Betsey Johnson provides lots of options for the perfect womens gift – so shop today and get FREE shipping on your entire order!

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