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Fashionista Women’s Cigarette Cases Found – Buy Now!

Finding a fashionable women’s cigarette case these days can be very hard. Most cigarette cases for women are made in the traditional style, and remind us of our mom’s pack. They’re nice and functional, but for the younger crowd, they can be a bit stuffy. Texcyngoods is pleased to announce their new line of women’s fashionista cigarette cases with matching lighters. Lots of different designs to choose from, so no matter what your style, you are sure to find the perfect cigarette case and lighter combination. Priced at only $14.95, with free shipping, you’ll be able to afford more than one!

Below are a few examples, but to see them all, be sure to click here for all Fashionista Women’s Cigarette Cases.

Polka Dot Cigarette Case Butterfly Cigarette Case with Lighter Zebra & Lips Cigarette Case with Lighter Country Girl Cigarette Case with Lighter Skulls & Guns Cigarette Case

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