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Buy Concealed Carry Purses Online at Discounted Prices

Are you looking for a purse to carry your gun, stun gun, or mace in? has a wide variety of concealed weapon handbags made for that purpose. Our concealment purses are available in bling styles, leather styles, and western styles. But before you shop, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I want a bling bag with lots of rhinestones? Or a more subdued Western style handbag? Or would I prefer a plain leather bag?

2. What items will I carry in the concealed pocket? How much room will I need for these items?

3. What size handbag do I want?

To determine the ideal size bag, measure a bag you currently own. Determine if it should be larger or smaller, and adjust the measurements accordingly. Generally, the larger the bag, the large the concealment pocket, and therefore, the larger gun you can carry. Write down the measurements of your ideal purse and start shopping! All the listings for handbags on include measurements, so you will be able to easily determine which bag is the right size for you.

The location of the concealment compartment varies by purse. Some concealment pockets are on the back, and others are in the center of the purse. It is your personal preference which style you choose.

Leather Concealed Weapon Handbag

Pebbled Leather Concealed Weapon Handbag

You can choose from a wide variety of Concealed Carry Purses at Get your bling on with one of our concealed carry rhinestone and studded purses, or stay subdued with a high quality leather concealment purse. Tote style concealed carry bags are available, as are the satchel styles and the cross body concealment purses. You can be assured of fast delivery, and superior service when buying your concealed gun purse from TexCynWallets.  Here is a sample of concealed carry purses. Our selection changes weekly, so be sure to buy yours today!

Concealed Carry Backpack Purse Camo

Concealed Carry Purse – Backpack Style

Concealed Carry Crossbody Purse

Cross Body Style Concealed Carry Purse

Montana West Concealed Carry Handbag

Montana West Southwest Print Concealed Carry Tote Purse

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